Max Edelsack - Licensed Bartender and Amateur Sports Announcer

About Max Edelsack

While attending Westfield High School, Max Edelsack built a reputation as the announcer for his school’s home sports games including one championship game. Graduating in 2012, he went on to attend Marist College where he studied sports communications and continued to announce and commentate on sports games on the college’s FM Radio station. Covering lacrosse, basketball, and soccer games, Max Edelsack was an integral member of the Marist Radio Club.

While earning his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Edelsack gained experience working in retail as a sales representative at the Westfield Nursery and as merchandise manager for the Stickup Kid Summer National Tour. After graduating in May 2016, he attended the National Bartending School to earn his national bartending license.

In his spare time, Max Edelsack enjoys playing tennis and traveling. In 2014, while working on the Stickup Kid Summer National Tour, he had the opportunity to visit 30 cities across the United States. His favorite cities are Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston.